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Inspiration for Next Gen Youth: 2.0

Deepak Sethi: Eventpreneur Unfolded


Today we are talking about Deepak Sethi

Deepak Sethi, a young Entrepreneur is an inspiration for the youth of India

He is the person behind the Organization ADVT EVENTZ.

A Young and Dashing Boy from Delhi, belonging to a middle-class family is a renowned name today in the field of Event and Advertising.

Deepak grew up in Delhi, did his schooling from Green Fields, and B.A (Hons) in Political.Sc. from Delhi University. After completing his graduation, he pursued an MBA from Indraprastha University in 2010. He was fond of sports and was part of the school volleyball team and also played Table tennis at the zonal level.

Deepak who started his career as a customer care executive in IBM Daksh in 2007 had huge dreams. He later joined GYV Events as an Event Planner to gain experience in the event planning industry.

A few years later he left his full-time corporate job to start his Event Planning and Advertising Agency.

There are some people who live in a dream world and there are some who face Reality, and then there are a few who turn one into the other.

Deepak is one such person who is turning people’s dreams and fantasies into reality through organizing and planning successful events.

Today his Agency has an annual turnover of more than 5 cr and earning quarterly revenue of around 50 lacs.

Advt Eventz’s clientele includes big names from corporate like IIFA, Indian Idol, KBC, Comicstaan, Sunburn, Canvas Laugh Club, Vivo IPL, ProKabaddi, etc. to name a few.

Recently his co. has made a deal with leading Event mgmt co. Wizcraft for expansion into the social events vertical in organizing weddings, engagements, cocktails, bachelor parties, etc

Deepak’s co. has also made its entry into the Advertising domain designing digital ads for various clients on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

He is now financially free and independent and is full of energy and enthusiasm and is physically and mentally very active.

His organization ADVT EVENTZ has its headquarters in Mumbai and various branches all over India. Deepak is getting business from clients all over India and abroad too

He is also a fitness freak, is fond of playing the piano, has a lot of friends, and is very successful in his professional and personal life. He is enjoying his life and is focussed on his goals and aspirations. He has made a mastermind group of like-minded people who are all very successful and helping him achieve his dreams and goals.

Deepak is traveling the whole world, visiting different countries, meeting new people, knows a lot of languages, has a huge fan following, and is not afraid of failure.

He is exploring his creative side and fulfilling all his desires and passions and interests like doing stunts on bikes, watching formula one races live, playing electric guitar, piano, adventure sports like river rafting, sky diving, underwater diving, etc.

He is a very positive and optimistic person who is very disciplined and follows principles in life, has ethics, and does not choose the wrong path or shortcut to success. He has all the things that he desires and is truly happy.

He is leading a happy and successful life free from all worries and tensions and fear and is dreaming big and achieving his dreams gradually.

He has been following his passion and heart and is listening to his intuition and is not killing his inner desires and wishes.

Deepak also has a soft side to his heart and cares a lot about dogs. He has recently started an NGO for dogs in Gurugram where he is providing all basic facilities like medical treatment for injured dogs, diseased dogs, vaccination for stray dogs, food, shelter, space for playing, enjoyment, etc.

That’s it guys under the section: “Inspiring the Youth” with Eventpreneur of the Year, Deepak Sethi.

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